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Osamu Hayashi   /  林 治

Photographer and Washiphoto Artist

一般社団法人国際芸術写真協会 代表理事

日本写真協会 正会員

日本写真芸術学会 会員

PIARAS - 手漉き和紙を普及する会 会員

1X Artist Exhibition 2025 Selected Artist

1959年 東京都世田谷区出身

1981年  学習院大学経済学部卒

2019年 川崎市から富山市へ移住し、山や

2021年 7月ロシア・オレンブルク州立美術館



    9月 写真集 "Land of the rising sun /

    Osamu Hayashi"をリリース
2022年   6月 芸術写真普及促進のため一般
    社団法人 国際芸術写真協会を設立

2023年   2月 リーガロイヤルギャラリー大阪

    "Heart Beat" / Osamu Hayashi &

    Takayuki Nakatsuka Photo Exhibition

    3月 FOCUS展 2023 出展

    9月 Show up in Tokyo

    一般社団法人 国際芸術写真協会出展
2024年   9月 FOCUS展 2024 出展(富山市)

2025年   3月 ヒルトピア アートスクエア(東京)

    1X Artists Foto Exhibition 出展予定

Photographer and Washiphoto Artist

Representative Director, International Fine Art

Photography Association

Member, The Photographic Society of Japan

Member, The Japan Sciety for Arts and History

of Photography

1X Artist Exhibition 2025 Selected Artist

1959  Born in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
1973- Winning various contests while receiving

     guidance on photography
1974- Started mountain climbing
1986  Graduated from Gakushuin University
          Faculty of Economics
          Since then, experienced as an in-house

          cameraman at two companies
          And also, have continued mountain
          climbing, rock climbing, river climbing,

          cross-country skiing, and shooting
     in various parts of Japan, including
          the Northern and Southern Alps
2019   Moved from Kawasaki City to Toyama City
          and devoted myself to shooting mountains
          and nature
2021   In February, Participated in Washi Photo

     Exhibition invited by the Orenburg State

     Museum of Art, Russia

          After that, exhibited at photo exhibitions
          held at museums in Russia
     In September, Released the photo book
     "Land of the rising sun / Osamu Hayashi"
2022  June, Established "International Fine
     Art Photography Association" to promote
     the spread of art photography
     Appointed as Representative Director

2023  In February at Rihga Royal Gallery Osaka

     Held Photo Exhibition "Heart Beat"

     / Osamu Hayashi & Takayuki Nakatsuka

     In March "Kanazawa FOCUS 2023"

     In September at Meguro Museum

     of Art, Tokyo "Show up in Tokyo"

2024  In September  "Kanazawa FOCUS 2024"

2025  In March, "1X Artists Exhibition"

     at Hilltopia Art Square, Tokyo

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