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March 19-25, 2025 1X Artists Foto Exhibition

Although it is almost a year away, my photographic work has been juried for the 1X Artists Foto Exhibition exhibit and will be exhibited.

As you know, 1X is the "world's most rigorously juried photo gallery" based in Sweden, and this will be 1X's first event in Japan.

For this reason, 1X has decided to exhibit a collection of high quality photographs by Japanese artists who are active in 1X, and I have submitted my own work to be juried into the exhibition.

The 1X Artists Foto Exhibition will be held March 19-25, 2025.

The exhibition will be held at "Hiltopia Art Square" in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

I will send you more information about the exhibition as it gets closer, and I look forward to seeing you there.


1年近く先のことで恐縮ですが、私の写真作品が1X Artists Foto Exhibitionの出展審査を通過し出展することが決まりました。



1X Artists Foto Exhibitionの開催日程は2025年3月19日から25日。

そして、会場は 東京・新宿の"ヒルトピアアートスクエア(ホテル ヒルトン東京 地下1F)"です。




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