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Past Photo Exhibition Reviews


September 27 to October 1, 2023

"Show up in Tokyo" Tokyo, Japan

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Land of the rising sun


Conceptアンカー 1

"Land of the rising sun" and
Photographer Osamu Hayashi

Photographer Osamu Hayashi was born in Tokyo., but moved to Toyama to create photographic art in pursuit of beautiful rays and atmosphere.

In the place where he lives, Japan's representative nature extends from the Sea of Japan, which is 0 meter high, to the Japanese Alps, which is over 3,000 meters high.
He works in alpine wetlands, rivers through deep valleys, and mountains where the sun rises.

"Land of the rising sun" is a word that calls ancient Japan.
I hope you can feel the touch of light and air of "Land of the rising sun" from his works.



The photo was output to "Washi", a traditional Japanese culture.

The feature of "Washi" is that it can be stored for a long period of time, and it is a good point that our important photographic works can be stored for a long period of time.


Then, by optimizing (Photo Authoring) the photo data into "Japanese paper", we created a clear work that has never been seen before.


Wahshiphoto can be viewed by everyone as "light print art".

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