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Donated my photobook to Toyama City Library

ー和文は下段にありますー My photo book was introduced in a Japanese newspaper, and the Toyama City Library who saw it contacted me by e-mail.

There are many photographs of the nature of Toyama in the photo book "Land of the rising sun / Osamu Hayashi", so the library wanted to purchase it as a local material.

Since I am a Toyama citizen, I decided to donate my photobook and visited the Toyama City Library(in TOYAMA Kirari)on November 8th 2021.

I hope that the local people will be happy to see it. If you are interested in my photobook, I would be very grateful if you could purchase it from the link below and support it. -----


写真集 "Land of the rising sun / Osamu Hayashi" には多数の富山の自然を写した写真が載っているので、図書館が郷土資料として購入したいというお話でした。


地元の方々に写真集を見て頂き、少しでも楽しんで頂ければ幸いです。 こちらから写真集の閲覧・購入ができます。





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