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March 2025, 1X's photo exhibition is coming to Tokyo!


As many photographers know, 1X ( is an organization based in Stockholm, Sweden, known as the world's most rigorously screened online photo gallery.

1X is claiming its first appearance in Japan and will hold a photo exhibition at a well-known hotel gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in late March 2025.

The exhibition will feature works by Japanese 1X artists (selected through a rigorous selection process by 1X curators), and will be held in Tokyo, the host city of the exhibition. Admission appears to be free. (Forgive me for being this vague, as this is not clear public information.)

It also seems that there will be a talk event with a visit by executive staff from the 1X Swedish headquarters, a photography lecture by 1X members, and a projection of works by 1X TOP artists.

In order for your work to be included in the exhibition, you must be at least a paying member of 1X and have an Awarded or Published work selected by 1X, submit your work to be included in the exhibition, and your work must be selected for this exhibition.

The information on 1X's photo exhibition ends here, but we would like to mention that there is a possibility that the founding members of 1X will visit the exhibition site, and that there have been few opportunities to see Japanese artists' works exhibited at a world-class art photo gallery like 1X. There will be a variety of events and auctions that are not available at Japanese photo exhibitions, and we are very much looking forward to seeing them.

Although it is still a year away, I am looking forward to it with great anticipation.


2025年3月 東京で1Xの写真展が開催されます


その 1Xが日本初上陸を謳い、2025年3月下旬に東京・新宿の有名ホテルギャラリーで写真展を行なうそうです。


また、1X スウェーデン本部から幹部スタッフが来場してのトークイベントや、1Xメンバーによる写真講座、1X TOPアーティストの作品投影などが予定されているようです。

そして、この写真展に作品が展示されるには、少なくとも1Xの有料会員かつ1XでAwarded 又は Published 選定された作品を持つ作家が、展示希望作品を応募し、応募作品が今回の写真展向けに選抜されることが条件..といった内容のようです。





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